controlled risk for better performance


Very easy to use: We left all special and computing power consuming fancy stuff out - just the pure EA. You copy the software right into the expert advisor folder of your Metatrader software. Restart the software and activate the robot. That's all - not more and no special, expensive sound tools, automatic installers or other needed. 5 minutes and you run ! You don't have to be a FOREX expert to use 3WAY2WIN™. The robot does all the work for you - and you do not need to have forex trading skills nor do you have to be a computer guru.

Money Protection Systems Built-in


stop loss protectionStop Loss - visible and non visible

You have the choice to have 3WAY2WIN use its built-in stop loss / take profit management to hide the stop level from your broker. We do not recommend this option, as it does not protect you from crashes of the MT4 platform, but in case you are worried that your broker uses unfair practices to “fish” you stops, that you can stoop this from happen with the stealth stop loss function of the expert Advisor.

no trades with bad spreadsSpread definition

3WAY2WIn can set up to not trade if spreads are getting too high. By doing so, you avoid trading in times, your broker may increase spreads excessively and hurt your profits. With its buil-in funtion not to open positions when spreads are above a certain level, 3WAY2WIN protects you against unfair brokers. We recommend the use of fair brokers anyway as in the case with our partner FinFx.

The built-in risk management function helps you to define exactly the risk, you allow the software to take per trade. You can also use minimum pips as allowed by your broker - just as you like and as you risk appetite is.

No doubling, hedging martingale or other System

We do not have any whatsoever called systems built in, that increase your risk after a loss. We found these functions - whatever you call them - just dangerous. Losses from time to time are part of the game and you have accept them. Next trade can be a loss as well, so why risk more. Over time, 3WAY2WIN performed well in all test and also on live accounts. So why risk more than necessary.

Finally a trading robot that does not make fake promises and that does not try to fool you with unrealistic performance figures. No one really believes that one would sell a system that would make all of us rich in a few months? 3WAY2WIN™ is delivering an average profitability per year between 24 and 125% depending on the risk you allow. In our tests, 3WAY2WIN™ did show between 30 and 100% net profit per year, when we limited the risk / trade to 3% to 5% of the account net equity per trade. See the detailed test pages for more information. If you risk appetite is higher and you want to achieve higher wins - see our high risk settings tests which did deliver more than 2000% performance in just 3 years in our tests.


Once installed and set up - the software runs 100% fully automatic and you do not need to worry about it. Just let the robot trade for you and relax, sit back and see the results. Remember: Metatrader software of your selected account must run. Furthermore, no customizing and no special tailoring is needed. We did all the tests for you and we found the best settings for our robot - so all you have to do is buy, start and use the default settings and you are ready to trade - fully automatically


3WAY2WIN™ comes with built-in intelligence and state-of-the-art trading in one single expert advisor. When we started the project we had only in mind to improve our own trading and to develop something that was totally different to all the various EAs we have seen and tested. We wanted to have an EA that came closer to our real trading styles - which are mid-term and do not only use single entry strategies and which combine logical analytics with human intelligence. Now we have developed a systems that combines the human brain with the logical behavior of a robot: 3WAY2WIN™

New 3WAY2WIN™ is 4 and 5 digits brokers and also ECN brokers compatible but we recommend 5 digits, ECN brokers as best choice. It is adjusting itself automatically to various broker’s settings but we found best results with 5 digits true ECN broker.

The system can be used any time - but we recommend to be careful in times of high impact news. Like in manual trading, there are times when you just don't wont to be in the market. With 3WAY2WIN™, however due to its nature and mid term strategies, it is less dependent on short term fluctuations than many other trading systems.


No hedging - no martingale and no scalping. 3WAY2WIN™ does not use of these high risk, low profit strategies. As it works with wider stop levels and also  using the 4 hour (and internally also other) time frame it is less sensitive to short term variations and it also is less vulnerable to broker’s behavior. Science has proven that ALL martingale systems will sooner or later kill accounts - so why use them ?


3WAY2WIN™ in the only Expert Advisor that trades multiple signals in real-time. It continuously scans the market  using its multi strategy entry systems to find the best entries for profitable trades. Unlike many other systems it is using various, indicators and signals to improve trading. The newly developed entry formula based on neural networks strategy combined with the multiple entry-scan-engine resulted in a high win rate in all tests we performed.


Most Expert Advisors are very badly programmed rubbish, non reliable code made by some poor programmers in some Eastern Europe or third world countries. Often these programmers are paid badly or not at all - no wonder, they deliver some crappy software. Do you want to give your money in the hand of such software ? 3WAY2WIN ist developed, tested and finally made in Germany be real German traders, software engineers and developers. Most of the commercially sold Expert Advisors are pure marketing but 3WAY2WIN is very different. Its unique technology and the multi-strategy entry intelligence make it different to all you have seen before. 3WAY2WIN™ does not trade very often, it actually tries to trade well, not much and it has a reliable, realistic win rate of about 75 to 80% of its trades. Although it uses various innovative technologies, it still works very simple and fully automatic and can be used by experienced traders as well as by the novice, just starting with forex.

3WAY2WIN™ is a unique result of quality German Engineering and the intelligence and experience of successful real-live-traders. Get your copy now - the sales are strictly limited.

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mix of entry strategies for better results


With its new technology developed in Germany with the use of new and highly innovative Neural-Network-Technology combined with the experience of a team of real traders, 3WAY2WIN™ is a completely new kind of expert advisor. Different than most existing, standard robots, 3WAY2WIN is using multiple techniques for its entries and this is increasing its win rate dramatically. During development we had the goal in mind, the find a way to rebuilt human thinking in the 3WAY2WIN™ expert advisor and to develop a tool, that mimics the trading behavior of the human brain without having its limitations.


Non capital intensive trading - but you shall not believe the “500 € is enough to get rich” statements. We show you the truth and if someone tells you, that 500 $ is enough to make a fortune - well this is just a lie. It does not work like this and even with 3WAY2WIN™ high risk settings, you need to have some capital, to make wins. Although true, that you can start with 500 and less, we recommend, that you shall have t min 1000 or more in account. Also - remember, you shall only use money you can afford to loose for trading.


We made intensive tests with 3WAY2WIN™ - but in case something does not work as you expect or if you have any questions - our international, multi language support team is here to help. Just mail to support(a) (intentional, Dutch, English) or support(@) (German)

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