Realistic Results and no insame promises - that is 3WAY2WIN

We would not sell a product we would not for our own trading with our own real Money ! This was one top guidelines during the development. If it works for us, we can sell it. Not the other around !

I guarantee this and I will not sell a product that we are watching every day in a live environment. We hate all these products made by marketing gurus that have nothing to do with real trading. We want you to make money !

All test results shown on this page are 100% real and live. Means, we have not tailored the Expert for specific dates, trading style etc.

No other settings than those shown have been used in the tests.

All trades shown in the test results are made 100% by 3WAY2WIN™ - EA. No interference, no manual or other kind of fake results. No curve fitting allowed !

We guarantee you, that the results shown here are made with standard, MT4 software on native 1-Min-Data with the accuracy as shown. No days are left out, no special periods with changes in lot sizes and no other tricks like these are used.

We are 100% independent of brokerage firms and banks.

The product is made and tested and developed in Germany by real traders for real traders

We use the 3WAY2WIN™ on live accounts.   Every day with real money.    We promise and we are proud of this.   We are looking forward to do business with you and will work hard

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