What’s your Risk appetite ?

You define you potential winnings and risk ! We also show you, how the tests look like, when you choose for a reasonable, medium and low risk setting. That is important and that is realistic performance. Forget about the “We make you a Million in a year” claims - pure rubbish and come on, how would sell you a system that would make millions.

we only show you realistic performance - no crap, no insame results

3WAY2WIN™ can provide you with exceptional, continuous highly profitable performance. As a fully automatic systems it is using the best and most profitable time frame - H4 for its trading. It is no scalper and less sensitive to spreads and slippage than 95% of all existing expert advisors. Its three, unique and independent entry strategies are working consistent over time and the robot is optimized for the most liquid pair - EUR/USD. We strongly recommend not to use the expert for other pairs and also not use it for other time frames. this page and the pages below show 3WAY2WIN’s performance in so called back test. These are tests which simulate a kind of a “what would have happen if the robot would have traded over this time”. As we use the best data available from our brokers and we also conducted the tests on various brokers with all variations of settings, we are highly confident that these tests are good representation of such scenario. The Expert Advisor is now also running on live accounts (demo and also real-money) and we can compare its behavior.

We guarantee you that all test have been made with complete data sets and days / periods have been left out. 

The settings had been made exactly as shown - no curve fitting, no tailoring or other, unfair methods are used. We did not perform any test with time frames longer than 3 years because we do not believe that any past or future time frame that long will have comparable market conditions.



3WAY2WIN™ in the only Expert Advisor that trades multiple signals in real-time. Only new 3WAY2WIN™ conti- nuously scans the market  using its multi strategy entry systems to find the best entries for profitable trades. Unlike many other systems it is using various, indicators and signals to improve trading. 

The newly developed entry formula based on neural networks strategy combined with the multiple entry-scan-engine resulted in a high win rate in all tests we performed.

Unlike conventional and risky expert advisors 3WAY2WIN™ is using reliable and more secure higher times frames for its trades (H4) and is highly independent of short term movements.

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We made various, intensive tests with 3WAY2WIN™  and the results are impressive. We do no claim anything, which we did not see in our tests and all test are made under realistic circumstances. We also run the robot on live accounts as demo and real-money live accounts. We started the test accounts with 10,000 € each and below you can see the totals for each period and level of risk in the test. You can see our live accounts as well, for actual performance in 2012. Please go to the individual pages to see the details of the test.

Test results with
Medium risk setting

Test results
very low risk setting

Test results with
one lot / trade risk setting

Test results
high risk setting

18,560 €

14,390 €

25,802 €

23,675 €

46,327 €

26,167 €

54,864 €

231,818 €