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Please share your feedback with us. It is important for us to communicate with our customers and to learn, what you think about 3WAY2WIN.


High pricing was what I did no like, but it may hep to keep the amount of copies in the market limited. In the 6 weeks I tested the bot, I had more then 80% positive trades, however, the first three run into full stop loss which was not that great start.           
David Kampis, non-professional forex trader

This is  great product and I would buy it again. I think pricing is Ok, and the deal with FinFx version is great. I would prefer to have some more settings coming with it and also the ability to use it for other pairs. If you plan a version 2.0 I like to have trailing stop.            
Doris Dorint, Cologne, Germany

Dit is de beste deskundige adviseur die ik ooit heb getest. Ik hoop dat hij lang goed te werken en te maken in de komende jaren soesjes.           
Julius van Heteren, 7545 TC Enschede

Dangerous Words,
dangerous thinking which will
hurt your trading...

you must be careful about trading when you start using one of the following words / phrases:

Should... like in “The market should have done” or in “The Euro should have moved to...” This means you are trying to make your losses look better. End. Point. It means you are neglecting you loss. Never allow this happen. Be open and tell the truth, to you and to others. Also from a health point of view this is very dangerous, as lying (no difference if to your sellf or to other) make stress and make ill !

Must... Often in Phrases like “Now the €uro must....” or “I must get this one” Reality is - the market never does what you think it must do. Its actually must nothing. And you also must not get this trade - there is another one around the corner. No good position is made from must.

Will... Very similar to Should / Shall this is like to you could tell the Euro what to do - what ever the chart may say, this is impossible. You all know this, the perfect entry and 5 seconds later it moves to wrong direction and does not come back. Wush - right into stop loss. The marker has no will and it does not accept any will. Very often like with should will can help the weak to make all responsible but themselves.

Won't... That’s the one that is really dangerous - as it comes before you loose... And making it worse, its a negative one. This is destructive and can damage your trading. “No, I won’t win with this one...” Does not not matter if you win or not, its bad and bad thinking is destroying.

Can't... - Rubbish, it it can. The market, the Euro, the Dollar, the Gold price - all they can and they will. They have no brain and no thinking. Look at the charts. Come on, charts tell you what’s going on. its going up, down or what ? Also popular are the “This can’t go on..., (so I buy soe more...) - You know where this leads to. After 17 bad days an 18th can happen. Also thinking “I can’t - will hurt you. And, yes, the market, the bank and the broker can take all you have, even more...
No trades today... That’s just an excuse for getting distracted, having a day off and doing not what your work is. Are others making money today ? If so, why not you ?

Sense... Love this one. Have you ever heard this wonderful “The markets don’t make any sense today” or the almost resignation “These markets don’t make sense anymore...” Yes, in the 70s and 80s we had the Arabs we could blame for the unexpected, now we have what ? Let me put it straight: No money is made, if markets and currencies would make sense at all! Don’t try to find any sense in markets - look at the chart and read it. Or let your robiot do the work for you. Your robot will not look for sense, just for good trades. if they make sense or not, the robot does not care...

buy or sell - just take the right decission

Danke ! Gute Software zu einem vernünftigen Preis. Ich bin sicher, wir werden viel Freude damit haben. Ich hätte gerne mehr solcher Roboter. Es wäre schön, wenn eine Deutsche Entwicklung auch ein Deutsches Handbuch und eine Deutsche Benutzerführung hätte. Aber heute wird ja alles English. Sonst Super und sogar mehr als ich erwartet hatte.           Bernd Pflug, Aachen, Germany

I will be in the team for Quasar development as well. I wish you a great start with the product and I'm sure it will sell well.            David F., New York, retired trader, NYCC certified
(David is a trader who know about our software and helped to define the logic. He is very experienced and he knows all about the in-and-outs of automatic and manual trading systems.)

This was a hard piece of work and I’m proud and happy that I could be of help. Good Luck with the next steps and the global marketing.            Frida G., Frankfurt Main, Germany
Frida is live trader and works for a bank. She knows how to trade forex and also works for various customers in developing entry strategies for larger accounts.)

Großartiges Programm mit einer guten und sicheren Performance. Ich bin erstaunt und sehr erfreut darüber, dass endlich einmal jemand den Mut hat einen EA im H4 Chart zu machen. Alle richtigen Trader wissen, nur im H4 Chart kann ich wirklich Geld machen - aber dennoch werden die meistens EAs von Marketing Gurus gemacht, die keine Ahnung haben und den armen Kunden was vormachen und gerne viele, viele Trades zeigen. Klasse, dass ihr nicht diesen Weg geht. Da merkt man, Trader for Trader !           Maria Über, Vienna, Austria

I wonder when we will get versions of this one for other pairs. I did some testing and it seems to work well, although David told me not to try. I hope they will make the versions for other pairs available free of charge. This thing was expensive, but worth every cent.           G. Sacher, Deutschland

Just started and have to say, this is more than I expected. Well designed and well programmed program that already made its first nice trades. It will not always be easy not to interfere because of the wide stops, but I will try hard. Let me know, when the next piece of German Software will be ready !            John W. Evans, Kalamazoo, MI

Ich bin begeistert von der Genauigkeit des Roboters und ich bin froh, endlich ein System gefunden zu haben, dass nicht extreme Versprechungen macht und dann nichts bringt. Endlich ein Roboter, der realistische Performance, Sicherheit und gute Technolgie bietet. Darauf haben viele Trader wie ich gewartet. Ich freue mich auf die anderen Produkte die Ihr in der Entwickiung habt und ich werde gerne wieder testen.             Simone S, Dortmund

We like your product very much and we trade all February and have nice profit. Thank you very much from Poland your friend Ludi.          Ludwika Duda, Warszawa, Poland

I was lucky to be one of the first ones to order the product. Works fine and accordingly to the test we have seen. I would appreciate if it would have a trailing stop as well but have been told be the developers that this may hurt total profitability.             John T. Levitt, Hastings, MI, USA

Für den “kleinen” Trader, also wie mich und viele andere ist es gut, aber leider etwas teuer wenn man nur einen kleinen Account hat. Dann braucht man schon eine Zeit bis das Geld wieder drinnen ist. Sonst aber alles prima und top performance.            L. Naumann, 86756 Reimlingen, Germany

I like the product and I want a second copy of it but I’m not ready to pay full price again.  I’m sure others will have a similar demand. Can you make a 2 account version available, please.            Patrick N. ,Manchester, NH, USA

Ich habe gute Erfahrungen mit dem Programm gemacht und bin froh, es als früher Käufer gekauft zu haben. Ich hoffe es werden nicht zu viele Lizenzen verkauft werden.            Dennis Kirsch, Saarbrücken Güdingen, Germany

Ik ben zeer tevreden over het programma en wil om het te gebruiken.             K. Coenen, 4356 XZ Oostkapelle

Nice Product for Forex Trading well. I like to try with other pairs too. Marik Zielinski, 40-749 Katowice, Poland

Finally a trading bot made by traders for traders and not just another marketing joke. Thanks ! Great work and nice product.            Brenda B. Barber, Oregon, USA

Until now, I thought only cars and Bulthaup kitchen are good German Engineering.           Toby Preston, UK

Thanks for this excellent robot. Can you also develop one that will trade more often than 3way ? I know, it is not easy, but I would buy it for sure.            Wim van Maris, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

I was very, very skeptical when I first learned about your EA. Just testing environments and no long term live test was not very promising to me and I have seen too many bad EAs. I gave it a try anyway because of your refund promise. Although the bot did only trade 3 times in the 14 days of testing, I learned that it can be a real winner for my trading and I decided to keep it.       Marcel Jansen, Hoogezand, The Netherlands